Printer & scanner support


We can help you with the Setup of all major Printer and Scanner models.


There are literally hundreds of Printers and Scanner manufacturers with bewildering options to choose from. At the core of it, all them perform the same functions, but there is no standard way to set them up or troubleshoot them.

Sometimes, it feels like a degree is required just to setup some of these machines. At other times, a machine that was working just minutes ago stops functioning for no rhyme or reason! Instead of taking out your frustrations with a hammer to the machine, calmly pick up the phone and contact your friendly support rep at Tech Axis. We can help you with:


-Setup all major brands and models

-Troubleshoot existing setups

-Setup machines over networks, including WiFi

-Train you on using various advanced features

-Setup the machines to eco-friendly modes to reduce their carbon footprint

-Printer driver errors

-Hardware detection errors

-Installing ink cartridges

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Length of Service

1 Time, 3 year, 5 year


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